Get to know the 2018-2019 Council!

Welcome back Innis! We hope you had a great first week back to school! Here is a compilation of all the “Meet the ICSS” posts for this year’s council.

Executive Team

Responsible for the management of council and communication with outside parties and organizations on behalf of students.

President – Brandon Liu

Brandon Liu PresidentHey buddies!
My name is Brandon Liu but most people call me “Brondon” due to my UofT email and my cursive a’s looking like o’s. I am a 3rd year Political Science Specialist; and, I am also your president for the 2018-19 school year. But what does that mean? I basically oversee council and have meetings with various groups of people throughout the wider UofT community in an attempt to effectively voice the wants and needs of Innis College. And if you have any questions about being a student at UofT, Innis or just wanna talk about anything feel free to hit me up during my office hours from 3-5 on Thursday’s, or you can message me on Facebook.

Executive Vice-President – Sarah Chocano

Sarah Chocano Executive VPHi, my name is Sarah, and I’m your 2018-19 Executive Vice-President! I’m a third-year international student from Peru, and I am specializing in Socio-Cultural Anthropology and minoring in Latin American Studies. As the executive VP, my primary role is to support our portfolio directors and representatives in things such as internal council affairs and event planning. I genuinely believe that there is always room for improvement within our council, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me (or any council members) and let us know how we can make your university experience better!! Feel free to visit me during my office hours (Mondays 2-4 p.m.) or send me an email at

Vice-President, Internal – Nancy Zhao

Nancy Zhao VP InternalHello! I’m Nancy and I’m a 2nd year student studying Computer Science and Linguistics. This year I am your ICSS Vice-President Internal. I’m passionate about making student governance more transparent, equitable, and accessible for all. My role focuses on the council’s internal operations – organizing the office, meetings, and communications – basically ensuring that council is running smoothly. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to reach out to me through email and social media, or visit me during my office hours. I love corgis, photography, and meeting new people – hope to see you around Innis!

Vice-President, Finance – Janielle Palmer

Janielle Palmer VP FinanceSalut! My name is Janielle Palmer and I’m your VP Finance for the 2018/2019 academic year. I’m also a 2nd year in Rotman Commerce specializing in Public Accounting with minors in Economic and French, as well as a goalie on the UofT Women’s Lacrosse team (I’m basically always doing things). As your VP Finance this year, my role is all about managing the ICSS’s money. Anything this council does that has to do with money, I oversee. This means managing the yearly budget as well as monitoring the expenses of the portfolios. This money is student’s money so I ensure that it goes towards initiatives that benefit students. Other than that I’m just out here living life, having fun. There’s never a dull moment in my life. If you have any questions or just wanna talk about cool stuff with a cool gal (I’m also open to more boring convos if that’s your cup of tea), feel free to message me on Facebook or stop by at my office hours!


Each responsible for a specific portfolio, Directors organize events, initiatives, and seek opportunities for students.

Equity & Outreach Directors – Megan Pham-Quan and Michelle (Yong Yi) Zhang

E&O Directors Megan Pham-Quan and Michelle ZhangHey Innis! Michelle is a second year double major in Urban Studies and Peace, Conflict, and Justice Studies with a minor in Political Science, and Megan is a second year double major in Philosophy and Women and Gender Studies. We are your Equity and Outreach Directors this year! Our job is to ensure that Innis is welcoming and inclusive to all students. We will also be organizing equity-themed events to raise awareness about the issues that impact us all. We hope to create open dialogue between the ICSS and the student body, and make sure that everyone’s voice is heard. Feel free to drop by our office hours on Tuesday 3-4PM (Michelle) and Wednesdays 12-1PM (Megan).

Social Directors – Effie Fei Yun Liang and Paul Kaita

Social Directors Paul Kaita and Effie LiangHey y’all! It’s your Social Directors, Paul Kaita and Effie Liang! We are both in second year: Paul is pursuing an Architecture specialist and Math major, with a minor in Visual Studies, Effie is a Sociology and Equity Studies Major. We are responsible for organizing the social events around Innis College. We plan a variety of social events that you can come to just have fun and take a break from the stress in your academic life. Our role encompasses the outreach to all Innis students to create a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment. Fun facts about your Social Directors: Effie enjoys watching Game of Thrones, anime, eating delicious food and music of all kinds. And Paul likes trees. Stay tuned for our upcoming events, notably the Innis Formal, coming up in the winter semester! If you want to have a chat with us, message us on Facebook, email at or visit us during office hours!

Athletics Directors – Meghan Lees and Lydia Ng

Athletic Directors Meghan Lees and Lydia NgHey Innis! We are your Athletics Directors! We are in charge of coordinating all of the college’s intramural sports teams as well as holding fun-filled athletic-themed events throughout the year. Meghan is a third-year student pursuing a double major in Neuroscience and Cell & Molecular Biology, as well as a minor in Physiology. She enjoys, singing, going to the gym, and playing sports, like volleyball! Lydia is a 3rd Neuroscience and Nutritional Sciences double major. She’s a big foodie even though she’s allergic to pretty much everything, and rain reminds her of home (Vancouver).

Clubs and Merchandise Director – Claire Hsiung

Claire Hsiung Clubs and MerchHeyo! My name is Claire Hsiung and I’ll be your Clubs and Merchandise Director! I am currently in second year doing a double major in Economics and Statistics. As Clubs and Merch Director I will work as a link between Innis Clubs and the ICSS while designing and selling merchandise. If you ever have an ideas for designs, want to start a new club or have any concerns please feel free to contact me at or find me during my office house on Tuesdays 12-1pm!


These positions are elected to represent specific members of the ICSS constituency.

Off-Campus Representatives – Breanna Lima Martinez and Winsy (Wai Yan) Leung

Commuter Reps Breanna Lima and Winsy LeungHey everyone!! Our names are Winsy and Breanna and we are your off-campus representatives for this school year. We are both second-year life-science students. We are really excited to plan and hold events geared towards getting commuters involved in Innis life! You can find out all about our upcoming events on Facebook @inniscommute and if you have any questions or want to meet us, we have office hours at the ICSS office Tuesday 11-12 and Thursday 2-3! Looking forward to meeting you!!! :))

Graduate Representatives – Caroline Wrobel and Elizabeth Weber

Grad Reps Caroline and ElizabethHey Innis we are Caroline and Elizabeth and we are your Graduate representatives for the 2018-2019 academic year! We study neuroscience, physiology, and immunology and evolutionary anthropology and religion respectively. Our role on council is to plan events surrounding the 2019 graduating class, however all Innis students are always welcome to our events! Stop by Caroline’s office hours on Thursday from 1-2pm to talk about scuba diving or visit Elizabeth on Tuesdays from 10-11am to talk about Netflix series. Feel free to message or email us with any questions you may have at We look forward to seeing you at our events!

First-Year Representative – Janet Cho (Innis Residence), Jason Cheong (Chestnut Residence), Emma Paulus (Off-Campus)

_CH67591HEY everyone! Our names are Janet, Emma and Jason and we are your First Year Representatives. We are super excited to be the voice for all the First Years at Innis College and hope to establish meaningful bonds between all the first years. So, get ready to be hyped for some epic events as we hope to make your first year at Innis a memorable one! Feel free to message us on Facebook or email us at!

International Representative – Tony Niu

Tony Niu International RepHey peeps! My name is Tony and I’ll be your International Student Representative this year on the ICSS! As the first International Student Representative, I plan to bridge between the international student body and the rest of the Innis College community. I’ll do my best to help the international students to transition into their studying-abroad experience and to encourage them also to participate in the community! One more thing that I’ll also be focusing on will be students’ mental health, since many of the international students came to Canada for the first time, therefore I would love to be there for them whenever they need me. One fun face about me is that I sing and I am a part of the Innis College Choir, come to our concert!! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me at

Appointed Members

These positions go through a hiring process and are responsible for the support of ICSS activities and outreach.

Photo-Videographer – Winston Chan

Winston Chan PhotovideographerHello! My name is Winston, and I take photos for ICSS events around Innis. Feel free to come up and talk to me at any one of our events, and do please let me know if you’re ever uncomfortable with a photo for whatever reason, I’ll be more than happy to delete it! That being said, we have plenty of great events here at the ICSS that I encourage you to come to that are both fun and accessible, and I looking forward to meeting you someday! Don’t forget to smile for the camera 🙂

Marketing Director – Renna Wehbe

Renna Wehbe Marketing DirectorHey Innis! My name is Renna and I’m your Marketing Director for 2018-2019. My role as Marketing Director is to create promotional material for all ICSS-related events and promote them on the ICSS Insta and Facebook. My goal this year is not only to reach a broad scope of our student population but also to encourage Innis students to attend as many events as possible, to meet new people, and take advantage of the unique experiences offered by our college.

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