Meeting minutes for past meetings can found here. Documents are uploaded within a timely manner for all council meetings, as well as special meetings, such as our Annual General Meeting.                          


In the Fall and Winter, the ICSS holds elections annually to fill council positions. The Elections Committee, the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) and Deputy Returning Officers (DROs) work to ensure a transparent and democratic election. The Elections Package provided below is for reference only. The most up-to-date information is available by contacting the CRO and DROs at


The ICSS is strives for fiscal is a fully self-supported government under the University of Toronto. It is funded through non-academic incidental fees at the University of Toronto. 


Statement on Mental Health at the University of Toronto (March 22, 2019) –

Statement on Ford Government OSAP and Tuition Changes (February 9, 2019) –

Statement on the University of Toronto’s Mandatory Leave of Absence Policy (May 26, 2018) –

Audited Financial Statements