Responsible for the management of council and communication with outside parties and organizations on behalf of students.


Cindy Yan 

Hey Innis! I’m Cindy (they/them), and I’m your ICSS President for this year! I’m in charge of overseeing the council and making sure that everything runs smoothly. I’m in my fourth year, and I’m doing a double major in Physiology and Cell & Molecular Biology. In my free time, I like to crochet, play badminton, and play video games! If you have any questions for me, you can contact me at

Executive Vice President

Yona Anderson

Hi y’all! Yona (she/her) here serving as your VP Executive this year! I’m in my 4th year, majoring in English and double minoring in Education and Society and Creative Expression and Society. This is my second year on council as I was one of your social directors last year (remember Fae Gala)! I was previously also part of IRC and ICC (I return to ICC this year). My role mainly entails managing and meeting with portfolios and provide any support I can around the council! Essentially, I go around and help out wherever I’m needed and sometimes pick up the slack for the pres (jkjk). In my free time, I love to sing, bake, cook, anime, etc etc. I was also interning and doing a semester abroad in Japan this year! If you have any questions and concerns about the council (or other things), feel free to email me at or if you just want to chat, dm me on Instagram @yonyonnya ! :))


Vice President Internal

Lina Yan

Hi! I’m Lina, currently a 4th Year student majoring in sociology. My pronouns are she/her and I’m the VP Internal for this year. In my free time, I enjoy arts and crafts, and recently I’m trying to take up cooking as a hobby. In the ICSS community, my role helps manage internal communications and making amendments to the constitution. Aside from being involved in the ICSS, I’m also a part of a couple other Innis programs so you’ll be seeing me around! If you have any questions, feel free to reach me at

Vice President Finance

Meme Ekhator

Meme (she/her) is our VP Finance. She is a third year majoring in Global Heath and minoring in Sexual Diversity Studies and Immunology. She does a lot of signing of cheques and budgeting, so feel free to contact her through email:, or as well as on Instagram @memesdalazy. Meme’s hobbies include reading, cooking, and binge watching shows. Fun fact: she is really flexible!


Directors organize events, initiatives, and seek opportunities for all Innis students.

Social Directors

Kevin Wang

Hi there! My name is Kevin (he/him), and I am one of your Social Directors for this year! I am in my third year in economics and math, and outside of school you might find me zooming down St. George on a bike share, or eating at my favorite restaurants. You’ll have and will see me around in some of this years big social events such as the semi-formal and formal, and I hope to see you there too!

Elsie Zhu

Hello! I’m Elsie (she/her), and I’m in my 3rd year doing a Computer Science specialist and Math minor. I’m one of the Social Directors for 2023-2024 and together with the other half of the Social Portfolio, we are responsible for planning and executing all the big (and some small) events at Innis, including Semi-Formal and the year-end Formal. Outside of school, I enjoy software development, camping, art/design, and spending time with my dog! For any questions about the Social Portfolio or events at ICSS, don’t hesitate to reach out via or on Instagram.

IMG_0146 - Elsie Zhu

Equity & Outreach Directors

Nkemdilim Enuma
Nkem is a Co-Director for Equity & Outreach! She is a 3rd Year with majors in Global Health & Cellular and Molecular Biology Double majors, and a minor in Sociology. She is in charge of planning and coordinating events that promote equity, outreach and inclusion at Innis and the global campus as a whole. She has also been involved in the Black Student Association, Undergraduate Sociology Student Union, UOFT UNICEF, and Human Biology Student Union. Some of her hobbies include reading and watching movies. You can contact her at

Nina Kamal
Hey! my name is Nina Kamal (she/her), I’m in my final year majoring in Psychology and Global Health, and minoring in Immunology. As a director of the ICSS Equity and Outreach portfolio, I work closely with many clubs and portfolios to run fun and beneficial events throughout the year. I love to cook, bake, and eat in my free time. If you ever see me on campus come say hi, I love to meet new people! Follow us on Instagram @icss.eo to know more about our events. See you there!

Athletics Directors

Stephanie Saab
Hi, I’m Stephanie #2 (she/her), I’m in 3rd year studying physiology 🙂 I’m one of the athletics directors with Stephanie #1 and we create the Innis College intramural teams and plan events to promote athletics among Innis Students. We do a bunch of stuff throughout the year like Raptor’s games, ski trips, rock climbing, ice skating…. and it’s all posted on our IG @innisathletics (follow for all the info about events and intramural sign ups) Let us know what events you want to have next or intramural requests and we’ll do our best to make it happen! (e.g. Blue Jays games, women’s intramural football team, intramural jerseys). We can be contacted at or .

Stephanie Liang
Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie and I am one of the athletics directors for this year. My pronouns are she/her and I am a fourth year double majoring in neuroscience and psychology. As an athletics director, I manage intramurals and organize events like the raptors game and ski trip. In addition to being the Innis athletics director, I am also the grad rep for NAUS (Neuroscience Association of Undergraduate Students) and am a captain for Div3 intramural badminton. To contact me, you can email me at or 

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 2.53.29 PM - Stephanie Liang

Clubs & Merchandise Director

Jamie Yi
Hey guys! I’m Jamie, a third year Computer Science specialist with minors in Mathematics and Religion. I’m the ICSS Clubs & Merch Director this year and I’m so excited to be back for another year in the same role. I order/sell Innis-branded merch for Innisians, as well as oversee the wonderful Innis clubs that 100s of our students participate in. I strive to foster a welcoming environment for anyone to join Innis clubs as well as produce merch that everyone can get excited about! If you’d like to talk to me about merch ideas or want to start up and Innis club, please reach out to me at or (or if you want to talk about something else completely that’s cool too).

Sustainability Directors

Mindy Yu
Mindy (she/her) is one of the Sustainability Directors of ICSS this year. She is currently in her third year pursuing a double major in physiology and cell & molecular biology. Having grown up in Vancouver, BC, she is passionate about being environmentally conscious, and hopes to promote this mindset at Innis and UofT overall. Feel free to reach out to her at @mindyyu14 on Instagram or email her at

Alice Lo
Hello Innis! My name is Alice (she/her) and I am a Sustainability Representative! I’m a third year double majoring in biodiversity and conservation and environmental science so this role fits with class content! As a Sustainability Rep, I will be working towards making Innis more environmentally conscious by setting up programs and initiatives such as the Innis Garden (@innisgardenclub) and community pantry. If you have any suggestions to improve Innis College email me at or Instagram @icss.sustainability!


Representatives are elected portfolio heads who represent specific members of the ICSS Constituency. They seek opportunities and organize events and initiatives for their specific audience.

Graduate Representatives

Neruka Joseph
Graduate Representative Neruka (she/her) is a fourth-year student majoring in English and double-minoring in French Language and Religious Studies. She’s from Mississauga, loves reading and watching shows/movies of various languages, and enjoys catching up with friends over meals! Neruka has previously been a commuter representative and a marketing director on the ICSS, and is currently also the English Students’ Union president. She is excited for another year with Innis’ wonderful community and cannot wait to meet you all at events!

Olivia Ou
Olivia Ou (she/her) is a fourth-year student pursuing double majors in sociology and psychology. She’s a graduate representative on ICSS and aims to promote a sense of belonging and professional development among Innis graduating students. She loves to bake for her friends and watch movies. She can be reached at or @icss.grad on Instagram.

Off-Campus Representatives

Isabella Nguyen

Hi! I’m Isabella Nguyen (She/Her) and I’m one of you’re Off-Campus Representatives. I’m in 2nd year and pursuing a Computer Science Specialist with a Statistics Minor 🙂 I love to build Legos and try new foods in my free time. I’m here to help plan events for commuters and help them feel a part of the Innis Community. If you ever want to chat feel free to reach out on Instagram @innis_commuters or!

Archi Parikh
Archi (she/her) is in her second year doing a Human Biology Major and double minoring in Physiology and Immunology. As the Co-Director for Innis Commuters, she works along with Isabella to make fun and engaging events for commuters at Innis College to help them feel a sense of belonging in such a huge community. If you have any questions regarding future commuter events, you can contact them on instagram @innis_commuters or send them an email at

IMG_7064 - Archi Parikh

International Representative

Avni Agrawal
Hey guys, I’m Avni (she/her), one of your International Student Representatives this year. I’m in charge of helping international students by making their transition to UofT and Canada easier. I’m in my second year, doing a Computer Science specialisation with a Math and Statistics minor. In my free time, I like to watch movies, read poetry and draw! If you have any questions for me, you can contact me at

Samuel Ho

Samuel Ho (he/him) is one of our International Representatives this year. He is in Year 2 with a major in Biochemistry & Nutritional Science and a minor in Immunology. His primary responsibility involves organizing events that enable international students to visit popular Toronto attractions and experience diverse cultures. Besides, he also sometimes host discussion sessions to international students new to UofT and Toronto! Feel free to reach him through! A fun fact about him is that he is also the president of University of Toronto Cantonese Debate Club. If you would love to explore Cantonese, Hong Kong culture, or you love to debating, feel free to join his club’s events as well!

First-Year Representatives

IMG_09723 - Jocelin Chang

Jocelin Chang

Hey everyone! I’m Jocelin (she/her), studying Life Sciences and first year residence representative! I collaborate with the IRC and ICSS, addressing first year concerns and looking to host exciting events. In my spare time you can find me skating, at the taekwondo studio or watching Netflix! Contact:

Bianca Mehrotra

Hi! I’m Bianca (she/her) and I am this year’s first year off-campus representative! I am currently in my first year in the social sciences stream with goals of pursuing economics and public policy! If you have any first year questions or any questions about my personal commuter experience feel free to contact me anytime on instagram @bmehrotra_ !

IMG_0744 - Shovik Faiyaz

Shovik Faiyaz

Hi everyone!! I’m Shovik, the First Year Representative (International). I’m a humanities major. I love all kinds of sports, from football(soccer for my NA friends) and cricket to basketball and even lacrosse. I also love hosting and performing at events!! Feel to free to contact me about any anything! My instagram- shovik_faiyaz My email-


These members go through a hiring process to support ICSS activities and outreach throughout the year.

Marketing Director

Averyn Ngan
Hi!! I’m Averyn (she/her) and I’m a second year, double majoring in Environmental Science and Women & Gender Studies. As this year’s Marketing Director, I promote all ICSS events/services, and manage both our website and social media platforms. You might have seen me before as the Photo-Videographer Exec at Innis Orientation! I love hiking/camping, playing music with friends, exploring the city, and making good food! You can reach me at the email below, or by messaging @innisicss on Instagram.

Graphics Designer

Alex Denhart
Hi! My name is Alex (she/her) and I am a fourth year doing a specialist in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. As Graphic Designer, I will be designing promotional content for ICSS this year. You can catch my designs on the ICSS Instagram (which you should definitely follow). I’ve been an Innis Insider Mentor and Orientation Leader for the past three years and I am also Co-Chair of the Innis Art Club. When I’m not in lab, you can find me cafe hopping, reviving my plants, reading/watching anything sci-fi, and at hot pot with friends. If you would like to get in contact with me, please reach out at or


Samantha “Sam” Guevara
Hey there! My name is Sam and I am a third year who studies cinema studies, human geography, and political science. As the photo-videographer this term, I will be digitally and visually storytelling the happenings of innis students. I am also the editor-in-chief of Innis’ student-run newspaper ‘the innis herald’! Feel free to contact me about photography and videography or beyond through email Feel free to check out my work @samcguevara on Instagram.

Sanam Syed

Hi, I am currently in my fourth year doing a double major in Cinema Studies + Book & Media Studies. I am the photographer/ videographer volunteer this year! I love capturing all of people’s best moments at events and sharing those memories. Feel free to reach out to my insta @sanam._ and I hope to see you around!