Responsible for the management of council and communication with outside parties and organizations on behalf of students.

Acting President, Executive Vice President


Breanna Lima Martinez

thepresident.icss@gmail.com, executivevp.icss@gmail.com

Breanna is a fourth year student majoring in Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, with a double minor in Psychology and French Studies. This is her third year on the ICSS, and she previously served as Off-campus Representative and Social Director. She is also the treasurer of a bilingual on-campus magazine named La Mosaic. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a masters in Genetic Counselling.

Vice President Internal

Emma Paulus


Emma is a third year student majoring in Religion with a double minor in Spanish and English. This is her third year on ICSS. She was previously one of the first year representatives and the off-campus representative. She has also written for the Innis Herald.

IMG_7694 - Emma Paulus

Vice President Finance

DSC05030 (2)

Shengye Tony Niu


Tony is a fourth year international student from China double majoring in Mathematics and Computational Cognition with a minor in Statistical Sciences. This is his third year on the ICSS, and he previously served as International Representative and Social Director. He is also one of the Co-Directors of the Innis College Choir and the treasurer of the Hart House Music Committee. He has also worked part-time at the Innis College IT Helpdesk for the past two years. He loves watching The Office, Modern Family and Friends, and he loves to sing!


Each responsible for a specific portfolio, Directors organize events, initiatives, and seek opportunities for students.

Social Directors

Ayaka Teshirogi


Ayaka is a 3rd year international student from Japan, studying Pharmacology and Human Biology. She likes being in nature, going out with friends and eating good food. This year, as one of your social directors, she is excited to make the most of her position and organise many quality events for you to enjoy—so stay tuned!

Shivani Baldeo


Shivani is a third year student pursuing sociology and criminology. She enjoys things like music, particularly singing and performing, but also art and being out to explore nature. If she’s not in her room belting her lungs out and pretending to study, she’s usually in the Innis common rooms hanging out with her friends or on her way for a bubble tea run 🙂

Equity & Outreach Directors

Annie Liu


Annie is a third year student specializing in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology and majoring in Computer Science. One of her greatest joys in life is connecting with others and hearing their stories, so please introduce yourself if you bump into her! She also loves humour and bad jokes, so hit her with your worst (best) puns. When she’s not crying over code or reading scientific journals, she’s enjoying poetry, studying foreign languages, or singing/making music. She can’t wait to dish out some awesome events this year so stay tuned!

Tony Hu


Tony Hu is a second year student studying Biochemistry and Materials Science. He is one of your 2020 – 2021 Equity and Outreach Directors. In a past life, he was the First Year Innis Residence Representative. His hobbies include eating, screaming, and having fun. His role is to highlight equity issues at Innis, the greater U of T community, and beyond while ensuring that all ICSS events are inclusive and accessible. He also coordinates the ICSS’ outreach efforts. He would love to meet you – you can reach him at equityandoutreach.icss@gmail.com or at tonyc.hu@mail.utoronto.ca (He promises he doesn’t bite!)

IMG_20200220_182624 - Tony Hu

Athletics Directors

Kris Suri


Kris is a second year student from Vancouver, pursuing majors in Physiology and Immunology, with a minor in French. He played on his high school’s varsity soccer and basketball teams, and was the captain of the cricket team. He’s legitimately a huge Toronto Raptors fan, and loves to watch basketball. His goal is to promote an active lifestyle, foster a winning culture among our intramural teams, and plan lots of exciting events for the Innis Community.

Clubs and Merchandise Director

Winsy Leung


Winsy is a fourth year student double majoring in Health & Disease, as well as Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. She is ICSS’s Clubs and Merchandise Director for the upcoming year. If you are wondering how you can get involved with Innis or have merch ideas, she is the one you want to speak to! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Sustainability Director

Hayley Vlcek


Hayley Vlcek is entering her 4th year of undergraduate studies pursuing a double major in Environmental Science and Conservation Biology. She is an active member of the Innis community and as a previous portfolio associate, is excited to be serving on the ICSS for her first year in an elected position. As a member of the ICSS, Hayley is looking forward to diversifying the sustainability portfolio initiatives, as well as working with other portfolios and the executive team to implement sustainable practices throughout the council.


These positions are elected to represent specific members of the ICSS Constituency.

Graduate Representatives

Anna Pan


Anna is a quasi-international student from Beijing, China, who is entering her fourth and final year of undergraduate studies. This is her first time serving on the ICSS and she is excited to bring forth engaging events to prepare graduating students for the road ahead of them. Beyond her life science programs, Anna is highly interested in design, marketing, and communications. She has been a member of the Innis Orientation executive team for the past three years and works part-time at the School of Cities during the semesters. Outside of university, Anna is passionate about oatmeal, her stuffed dog Bernard, and baking cheesecakes.

Kenny Trinh


Kenny is a 4th year student doing Global Health, Psychology, and a Minor in physiological. He loves to spend his time playing basketball, frisbee, and running too! Some of his favourite shows include The Office, Modern Family, The Flash, and Breaking bad. To him, being on the ICSS is very important to him because he wants to impact students’ experience in the greatest manner possible. He’s very approachable so don’t be afraid to say hello!

Off-Campus Representatives

An Su


An is a third-year in Rotman Commerce. She is one of two Off-Campus reps whose role is to represent the commuters at Innis College. In her spare time, An likes to sleep, eat, and play video games.

Michela McMurrich


Michela is a third year student studying in the Arts and Science Program. This is her first year on ICSS however she has been the Art Club Co-Director and Co-Ed Volleyball Captain in previous years at Innis College.

International Representative

PHOTO-2020-06-20-23-36-18 - Max Jimenez de Luis Armitage

Maximiliano Jimenez De Luis


Max is a second year student studying International Relations. He’s lived in 6 different countries around the globe and travelled to several other countries as well. His goal is to be able to make every international student feel at home, and to educate others on the many different cultures that are present on our planet. He’s a really laid back guy and he can’t wait to meet you and have some fun!


These positions go through a hiring process for support of ICSS activities and outreach.

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