Responsible for the management of council and communication with outside parties and organizations on behalf of students.


Ayaka Teshirogi

Ayaka (she/her) is a fifth year Pharmacology Specialist who spent last year in her PEY Co-op year. As the President, she manages the council and ensures that ICSS services are equitable and accessible to all Innis students. Previously, she has also been on the council as VP Internal, Social Director, and International Representative. She loves going out to eat and exploring the city, cooking and baking, and playing intramural sports. Feel free to reach out via the or if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat – she would love to meet you!

Executive Vice President

Eilene Su

Eilene Su (she/her) is a fourth year undergraduate student pursuing a double degree in pharmacology and psychology. As Executive VP, she is responsible for managing the elected and appointed members of the ICSS to improve student life at Innis College. She is passionate about helping students get the most out of the time at university. If you would like to connect with Eilene, you can reach her at or


Vice President Internal

Cindy Yan

Hi everyone! My name is Cindy, and I’m in my third year with a double major in cell and molecular biology/physiology. This is my third year on the ICSS, and I’m really excited to be a part of the council this year!


Vice President Finance

Emil Stoynov

Emil is in his third year studying Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science. He is your VP Finance this year, having been VP Finance for IRC in his first year. As your VP Finance, his role is to ensure that budgets reflect the need of the student body, and that financial resources are allocated to provide Innis students the best events, and experiences, at UofT. Have questions, comments or concerns?  Please reach out to


Directors organize events, initiatives, and seek opportunities for all Innis students.

Social Directors

Yona Anderson

-Third-year studying English, Education and Society, and Creative Expression and Society
– Job in ICSS is to plan the biggest and best events for the Innis community
– IRC GAME Committee Co-chair in 2nd year
– Orientation Exec (Insider Liaison) for 2022 Orientation
– Runs the Innis Together Cookbook Club
– Hobbies: Music, Creative Writing, Baking, Cooking, language learning
– Going to Japan for a semester abroad in winter semester (gonna be posting about it on social media!)
– Is happy to chat with you if you ever see me on campus/dm me on my social media :))

Curtis Chambers

Hi all! I’m one of your Social Directors on this year’s council. I’m a 4th year majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, with a minor in Bioethics and Physiology. I have been GAME Committee Chair and VP Internal on the IRC, Been a part of the orientation team for 3 years running, and was an Athletics Director last year on the ICSS. You might know me from the Innis Discord, where i can often be seen playing Dungeons and Dragons. I love running events of all sorts, and im looking forward to another great year!


Equity & Outreach Directors

Samantha “Sam” Guevara
Samantha “Sam” Guevara, an E&O director for the 2022-23 term, is a second year who studies Human Geo, Poli-Sci, and Cinema. A familiar face around Innis, Sam is the Creative Director for The Innis Herald, the Co-chair for the Student Advisory Wellness Group, among more. Beyond school, Sam specializes in art with a passion for cinema after the launch last summer of a debut short film as an actor, writer, and director. With interest in community, such as Environment and Climate Action lead at the Toronto Youth Cabinet, Sam plans cultural and charitable activities. Contacts: or

Nina Kamal
Hi, my name is Nina Kamal, I’m a fourth year student majoring in Psychology and Global Health, and minoring in Immunology. As the codirector of the Equity and Outreach portfolio, we work closely to run enjoyable and beneficial events throughout the year. I love to cook, bake, and eat in my free time. Follow us on Instagram @icss.eo to join our events. Looking forward to seeing you all at our events!

Athletics Directors

Stephanie Saab
Hi, I’m one of the Stephanie’s and one of the Athletics directors! My favourite sports to watch and play are basketball and figure skating. Can’t wait to see everyone at our many events this year — check out our IG @innisathletics !

Stephanie Liang
Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie and I’m one of your athletics directors this year! I am a third year double majoring in neuroscience and psychology and I grew up in a suburb outside of Chicago. In my free time, I enjoy playing badminton, reading, running, and watching netflix. I’m excited to meet you all and be a part of ICSS 🙂 

D6C85697-5706-47AF-B605-41BA7EF72C7E - Stephanie Liang

Clubs & Merchandise Director

Jamie Yi
Hi there! My name is Jamie and I’m a second-year studying computer science, math, and religion. I’m the clubs & merch director for 2022-2023! When I’m not studying, I like to bike around the city or play Valorant. On ICSS, I’m here to help manage existing and new clubs, as well as drop some bomb-ass merch every so often. If you’re interested in buying merch or starting a new club, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at, or on Instagram @innisclubsandmerch! 🙂

Sustainability Director

Zheng Lian
Hello everyone! I’m Zheng Lian(she/her), the sustainability director of ICSS for academic year of 2022-23. It is a pleasure to take on this role this year! I am currently a third year student studying economics and human biology. Look forward to see you all joining the sustainability team, and make Innis community a better place🌱🐾


Representatives are elected portfolio heads who represent specific members of the ICSS Constituency. They seek opportunities and organize events and initiatives for their specific audience.

Graduate Representatives

Albert Cheng

Rhea Gosain
Rhea is an active member of the Innis Community! She’ll be graduating this year (fingers crossed) with a major in Global Health and a minor in Cinema Studies and Physiology. You’ve probably seen her in various Innis TikToks and you’ll probably be stopped by her and some point this year to participate in one (she even got Charlie to make one)! Rhea loves dancing, playing with her dogs, reading and journaling in her space time. She’s excited for what this year and life after graduation has in store for her!


Off-Campus Representatives

Lina Yan

Hi! I’m Lina Yan, a 3rd year student majoring in Sociology while juggling some English and Education on the side. I am one of the co-directors for the Off-Campus portfolio this year and together with Alice, we are here to support Innis commuters and host commuter-friendy events throughout the year. If you have any questions for us, feel free to reach out by shooting us a message on Instagram @innis_commuters or sending us an email at

Alice Lo
Alice is a second-year student double majoring in Biodiversity and Conservation and Environmental Science. As an Off-Campus Rep, she will be planning events for commuting students. Alice likes ice skating, collecting Pokémon, and drinking soup.

IMG_4546 - Alice Lo-min

International Representative

WechatIMG5305 - stra zhong-min
Hi guys! I’m Emily, and I’m majoring in Economics and Statistics. I’m born to challenge myself, and I love traveling and hiking so much. We will plan more events for students from all backgrounds to engage and explore themselves.

Mikael Gouwtama

Hello! I’m Mikael Gouwtama, a third year undergraduate student studying Human Biology: Health and Disease. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love visiting new countries and getting to know new cultures wherever I go. I’m really excited to meet new international friends and hopefully provide a fun events over the year! Feel free to reach out to me at I would love to meet you all!

First-Year Representatives

IMG_4314 - Isabella Nguyen

Isabella Nguyen

Hi everyone! My name is Isabella and I am a first year in the Computer Science stream. I’m your 2022 Commuter First Year Representative and I look forward to planning fun events and meeting you all during office hours! I like to spend my free time shopping, reading, and watching new shows. I would love to chat so feel free to reach out to me at or!

Paarth Arya

Hey! I’m Paarth Arya, your First Year International Representative. I am a first year Computer Science student. I’m from New Delhi, India. I like to play the drums, listen to music, watch YouTube videos, and play chess. Feel free to reach out to me at I would love to hear from you! I’m really excited to be planning and organizing events for you this year!


Omina Nematova

Hello! I’m Omina, a first year within life sciences, and I’m from Washington, US! I am the First-Year Chestnut Representative and I’m so excited to work with ICSS this year. Feel free to reach out if you are also at Chestnut Residence!

Juliana Concini

Juliana (she/her) is a first year Life Science student. She is your First-Year Innis Residence Representative this year. One of her main roles as First-Year Residence representative is to be a liaison between the two main councils at Innis (the Innis Residence Council and the Innis College Student Society). She advocates for the needs of first year students on both councils. One of her main goals this year is to build relationships between first year and upper year students. In her free time, Juliana loves to play soccer and go on runs.


These members go through a hiring process to support ICSS activities and outreach throughout the year.

Marketing Director

neru cropped
Neruka Joseph
Neruka is a third-year student majoring in English, and commutes to the St. George campus from Mississauga. She loves reading and watching shows/movies of various languages, and is always catching up with friends over lunch! Neruka is excited to promote Innis’ wonderful community and cannot wait to meet you all at ICSS events.

Graphics Designer

Kelly Kim
Hello! I’m Kelly and I’m a second year psych specialist working as graphic designer for ICSS this year! I am super excited to be part of ICSS and help promote all the super cool events being put on this year! When I’m not graphic design-ing, I am a plant mom, avid crochetter, newbie film photographer, and enjoyer of movies! Please come say hi if you ever see me around as I am dying to make more Innis friends!


Rahul Parhar
Hi I’m Rahul and I’m returning as the photo-videographer for ICSS this year. I’m in my fourth year and I’m a cinema studies specialist with a double minor in Philosophy and French. I’m a freelance cinematographer and I love taking on different kinds of projects, like dance videos, concerts and narrative films. You can check out my work and catch up with me on instagram, @rahulparhar_. Hope to see you around campus! Cheers my friends.

Sanam Syed

Hi! I am in my third year double majoring in Cinema Studies and Book & Media Studies. I love photography, sunsets, and exploring the city. I hope to provide a memorable experience for the student body by capturing all the brightest moments.