2019 Fall By-Election Results

From our Elections Committee: đź’š

Here are the results for the ICSS Fall 2019 By-Elections and Referendum.

First Year Representative – Innis College Student Residence

Tony Hu – 51 votes (ELECTED)

Mika Kwiecinski – 22 votes

Norman Zeng – 18 votes

Grace Choi – 26 votes

Spoiled – 16 votes

First Year Representative – Off-Campus Representative

Angela (Ziyi) Liu – 37 votes (ELECTED)

Ashley Bejoy – 31 votes

Connie Yu – 8 votes

Javahir Saidov – 1 vote

Haoran (Edward) Li – 2 votes

Malyika Shami – 23 votes

Spoiled – 31 votes

First Year Representative – International Representative

Aliza Aziz Lakho – 48 votes (ELECTED)

Jiayuan (Jessica) Cai – 37 votes

Christine Lan – 17 votes

Pinlin (Rain) Song – 3 votes

Spoiled – 28 votes

Sustainability Director

Daria Mancino – 115 votes (ELECTED)

Silvia Guerrero – 5 votes

Spoiled – 13 votes

Innis College Council (ICC) – Student Representative

Daniel Li – 84 votes (ELECTED)

Daria Mancino – 81 votes (ELECTED)

Louisa You – 81 votes (ELECTED)

Andrew Zhao – 78 votes (ELECTED)

Didier Ha – 75 votes (ELECTED)

Kimlin Chin – 73 votes (ELECTED)

Lucas Granger – 69 votes (ELECTED)

Annie Liu – 67 votes (ELECTED)

Grace Choi – 66 votes (ELECTED)

Aliza Aziz Lakho – 60 votes (ELECTED)

Mira CY Chow – 36 votes (ELECTED)

Mukti Patel – 34 votes (ELECTED)

Jeffrey Ye – 26 votes (ELECTED)

Simran Arulrag – 23 votes

Madison Kallman – 19 votes

Kareem Roz – 13 votes

Parker Levesque – 13 votes

Ying (Alice) Su – 12 votes

Spoiled – 10 votes

Executive Elections Referendum

Currently, the ICSS General Election is held during the Winter Semester, where Executives, Directors, and Constituency Representatives – with the exception of the First-Year Students’ Representatives – are elected.

If the following amendment is approved, there shall be two separate elections during the Winter Semester, designated the ICSS Executive Election and the ICSS General Election. The ICSS Executive Election will be where the President, Executive Vice-President, Vice-President Finance, and Vice-President Internal are elected. This election will precede the ICSS General Election.

The ICSS General Election will be held after the Executive Election. This will be where the Directors and Constituency Representatives will be elected. If a position remains vacant after the Executive Elections conclude, the position will re-open for nomination and be included in the General Election.

With the ICSS Executive (President, Executive Vice-President, Vice-President Finance, Vice-President Internal), the positions are often uncontested. To increase opportunities for involvement within the ICSS, two elections (ICSS Executive Election and the ICSS General Election) will occur on different time schedules where an Innis Students shall be given the opportunity to run for positions in both elections, given that a student was not elected to a position during the ICSS Executive Election. This shall increase both interest and participation in ICSS elections, while allowing students an increased chance at being elected to a position on council.


Are you in favour of amending Section 10 of the ICSS Constitution to allow for the creation of a new schedule to establish a two tier election system consisting of the ICSS Executive Election and the ICSS General Election?

  1. The ICSS Executive Election shall be held prior to the ICSS General Election for the sole purpose of electing the Executive Team. 
    1. In the case that a position remains vacant, the position shall be added to the ballot in the ICSS General Election.
    2. All other rules pertaining to the ICSS Executive Election shall follow existing election guidelines as outlined in the ICSS Constitution.
    3. The beginning of the nomination period of the ICSS General Election shall not begin until the conclusion of the ICSS Executive Election. The conclusion of the ICSS Executive Election is defined by the public release of the final result.

Yes – 70 votes (PASSED)

No – 5 votes

Spoiled – 8 votes

We hope that you have found that this election has been conducted in compliance with all Innis College Student Society rules and by-laws. If there are any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info.elections.icss@gmail.com or Innis College Elections Committee.

ICSS Through the Years…

A compiled list of ICSS executives from 2005 to today! If anyone has any names to add, feel free to reach out to information.icss@gmail.com.

P: Brandon Liu
Exec VP: Sarah Chocano
VP Internal: Nancy Zhao
VP Finance: Janielle Palmer

P: Yolanda Alfaro
Exec VP: Ashlee Redmond
VP Internal: Caroline Wrobel
VP Finance: Michael La Rosa

P: Brianne Katz-Griffin
Exec VP: Elspeth Arbow
VP Internal: Teodora Pasca
VP Finance: Troy Peschke

P: Khrystyna Zhuk
Exec VP: Brianne Katz-Griffin
VP Internal: Troy Peschke
VP Finance: Nicole Thompson

P: Ryan Lamers
Exec VP: Khrystyna Zhuk
VP Internal: Nicole Thompson
VP Finance: Alex Huntress-Reeve

P: Mary Stefanidis
Exec VP: Ryan Lamers
VP Internal: Carol Ye
VP Finance: Chris Pejovic

P: Aman Chohan
Exec VP: Mary Stefanidis
VP Internal: Lauren Birch
VP Finance: Shaanzéh Ataullahjan

P: Alex Heuton
Exec VP: Aman Chohan
VP Internal: Parmveer Singh
VP Finance: Mary Stefanidis

P: Jack Phelan
Exec VP: Alex Heuton
VP Internal: Angelo V
VP Finance: Aman Chohan

P: Joel Koroniak
VP Ex: Mike Maher
VP Internal: Sean McIntyre
VP Fiance: Jack Phelan

P: Mike Maher
VP Ex: Joel Koroniak
VP Internal: Jack Phelan
Treasurer: Lou Chan

P: Webnesh Haile
Exec VP: Nicole Hugel
VP Internal: Laurielle Asconi
VP Finance: Paul Nandra

P: Melissa Kim
Exec VP:
VP Internal:
VP Finance: Andrew Seo

P: Tim Walker
Exec VP: Calvin Chun
VP Internal: Melissa Kim
VP Finance: Andrea Sui

Online Expenditure Form

Hey Innis! The ICSS has made it easier to submit reimbursement requests digitally. The link is: http://bit.ly/icss-expenditure

Please submit your expenditure information through this form to be reimbursed. Receipts are required for reimbursements, please attach a digital scan or photo of the receipt to this form. If you are unable to produce the required documentation, contact the Vice-President Finance to discuss options at vpfinance.icss@gmail.com.

Paper expenditure forms will still be available to print from online and as paper copies in the ICSS office.

New online expenditure form

Join the ICSS 2018-2019 Council!

The 2018-2019 year is off to an exciting start, as we welcome our new students through In to the 6ix Orientation and as we near the first day of classes this week. The ICSS is excited to meet the new students, and to welcome back our returning students!

Many positions within the council and with the ICC are available through the upcoming by-elections and through appointed roles. Here is a quick rundown of the open positions: (number of positions available are in brackets)

By-Election – Click here for the Nomination Form

Commuter Rep. (1)
Clubs and Merchandise Director (1)
International Student Representative (1)
1st Year Innis College Residence Representative (1)
1st Year Chestnut Representative (1)
1st Year Off-Campus Representative (1)
Innis College Council (ICC) Student Representative (13)

Nomination Form due Monday, September 10, 2018 at 5:00 PM.


Photo-Videographer (1)
Marketing Director (1)
Click here for the Position Description document

Application due Sunday, September 9, 2018.

Social Portfolio Associate (2) – Click here for the Application Form
Athletics Portfolio Associate (1) – Click here for the Application Form
Equity and Outreach Portfolio Associate (1) – Click here for the Application Form

Application due Thursday, September 27, 2018.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email thepresident.icss@gmail.com.