2018 Fall By-Election Results

On behalf of the ICSS, the Elections Committee would like to thank all of the candidates for their participation in the Fall By-Election and their interest in contributing to the Innis College Community at the University of Toronto. Below you will find the results of the election by position.

Please note that for uncontested positions (in this case, these were the ICSS Orientation Coordinator and ICC positions) candidates were required to obtain 50% of the vote plus 1 vote in their favour. As there were 206 voters, that means 104 votes were necessary to secure these positions.

Election Results

Commuter Representative
Winsy Leung (Wai Yan) – 109 votes (elected)
Abbigayle Weber – 24 votes
Helen Ho – 16 votes
Amisha Punja – 10 votes
Spoiled – 47 ballots

Clubs and Merchandise
Claire Hsiung – 139 votes (elected)
Sadaf Jamkhandi – 44 votes
Spoiled – 23 ballots

First-Year Representative – Chestnut Residence
Jason Cheong – 55 votes (elected)
Alysha Nelander – 40 votes
Ankhee Paul – 18 votes
Spoiled – 93 ballots

First-Year Representative – Innis College Student Residence
Janet Cho – 113 votes (elected)
Didier Ha – 41 votes
Seungmin Lee – 16 votes
Sofia DiSalle – 12 votes
Spoiled – 24 ballots

First-Year Representative – Off-Campus Representative
Emma Paulus – 78 votes (elected)
Jenah Turpin – 31 votes
Spoiled – 97 ballots

International Student Representative
Tony Niu – 104 votes (elected)
Summer Tang – 19 votes
Nao Yoshida – 18 votes
Sophie Zhou – 18 votes
Yingxin (Cindy) Xie – 11 votes
Akshit Goyal – 9 votes
Spoiled – 27 ballots

Orientation Coordinators
Jericho Allick – 117 votes (elected)
Isheeta Chakrabarti – 105 votes (elected)
Spoiled – 75 ballots

Innis College Committee (ICC)
Lucas Granger – 123 votes (elected)
Ethan Kim – 118 votes (elected)
Caroline Wrobel – 108 votes (elected)
Ashlee Redmond – 105 votes (elected)
Annie Liu – 103 votes
Lauren Chan – 100 votes
Kelvin Cho – 94 votes
Kimlin Anne-Marie Chin – 89 votes
Cecily Liu – 88 votes
Spoiled – 31 ballots

As only 4 of the 13 positions on the ICC have been filled, there will be a run-off election. If you are interested in running, keep a look out for more information on this from the ICSS.

If you have any questions or concerns about this election or its results, please contact info.elections.icss@gmail.com.

Stephanie Kroone, Bella Rogal, and Ishan Sharma
Chief Returning Officer, and Deputy Returning Officers
ICSS 2018 Fall By-Election

Join the ICSS 2018-2019 Council!

The 2018-2019 year is off to an exciting start, as we welcome our new students through In to the 6ix Orientation and as we near the first day of classes this week. The ICSS is excited to meet the new students, and to welcome back our returning students!

Many positions within the council and with the ICC are available through the upcoming by-elections and through appointed roles. Here is a quick rundown of the open positions: (number of positions available are in brackets)

By-Election – Click here for the Nomination Form

Commuter Rep. (1)
Clubs and Merchandise Director (1)
International Student Representative (1)
1st Year Innis College Residence Representative (1)
1st Year Chestnut Representative (1)
1st Year Off-Campus Representative (1)
Innis College Council (ICC) Student Representative (13)

Nomination Form due Monday, September 10, 2018 at 5:00 PM.


Photo-Videographer (1)
Marketing Director (1)
Click here for the Position Description document

Application due Sunday, September 9, 2018.

Social Portfolio Associate (2) – Click here for the Application Form
Athletics Portfolio Associate (1) – Click here for the Application Form
Equity and Outreach Portfolio Associate (1) – Click here for the Application Form

Application due Thursday, September 27, 2018.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email thepresident.icss@gmail.com.